Dance – Club !

Since two weeks, the dance club is running!  We have a nice room at a private school in Rustavi. As you can read on the posters, the first step is to teach basic moves. And we will perform on events. It is quite difficult to teach dancing if you can not explain yourself in your mother language. Since the 11-year old children do not understand and speak English, I need a translator, too.

My wish is to organize a flashmob on the main place in Old Rustavi!


Working Friday

At the moment, I am creating some promotion posters for my drawing club. 

The dawings on the photos are already products of two club sessions. I am very happy about them!

Promotion is very necessary, because the more attendants, the more effective work and different drawings will originate. 🙂 

So hopefully the promotion works!

Any creative hints?

Have a nice weekend!


October 18th, I arrived at Tbilisi Airport at 3am.

I was picked-up from another volunteer and her friend. We drove to the volunteer’s flat and when I entered, I thought that this flat would be my new home for the next year.

It felt completely strange to me to call it “home”because my home is in Germany for my whole life.

During the next days I got to know my environment, including transport, food and all members of staff in my host organisation.

The organisation SIQA  is a non-profit legal entity, which is productively functioning in Georgia and abroad since 1999. SIQA oriented on development of critical and creative thinking trough informal learning among society’s members (age is unlimited), who’s motivated to positive changes, but also contribute to introducing innovative and already approved method of studying, that a person established as an active citizen, who’s oriented on self-development. (

The volunteers of SIQA are leading certain clubs, like English and German clubs, handicraft club and whatever the volunteers want to practice with youths of all ages.

During my first days, I will mostly help the other volunteer to prepare the club sessions.

In the following week, my Georgian language class will start. Since Georgian writing is very different from common German writing and the Georgian language is difficult to understand as well, it is necessary for me to learn it soon.