School visit

On day before Christmas, the tree of us plus one of our Coordinator Mari and a Mentor Mari, visited an Azerian school near to the Azerbaijanian border in Georgia. 

There, Annika and me presented the traditional Christmas celebration in Germany. We had a long powerpoint presentation about how Germans celebrate Christmas. The Azerian kids mostly speak the Azerbaijanian language and rarely Georgian, that’s why we had a lot of pictures within the presentation. 

There was one girl, who spoke fluently Georgian and could understand a lot of English as well. She was the head of the School’s students and took the translating part. 

After the presentation, the students were supposed to create Christmas cards for one member of their family. It was really difficult for us to explain them, the way to create these cards. On the one hand, because of the different languages and on the other hand, because these Azerian students are not as educated as students inside of the cities. 

As we really liked the work with Azerian students, we will continue with projects like this. If you have some ideas or questions, don’t hesitate ! 


Christmas Eve

I wish all of you beautiful, amazing and cozy Christmas!

Yesterday, 11 EVS volunteers celebrated together the Christmas Eve! We sat around a long table and ate our self-prepared food. We had melted Camembert, Khachapuri, potato salad, Bacon, Carrot cake, Plätzchen and more! It was nice to create our own supra. Everyone prepared something that reminded him or her of Christmas at home or at his or her home country. Sharing this kind of personal foods and traditions made us all so happy.

For me and almost all of my friends, it has been the first time that we have celebrated Christmas without our family. Personally, it felt not like Christmas at all. I missed the cosy moments in front of the Christmas tree and being with my whole family.  Anyway, it has been a nice and long celebration with friends, we shared so much, played games and had a lot of fun. Consequently, we got to know each other better and got closer.

We talked about our different Christmas celebration traditions and although we missed Christmas at home, we enjoyed to be together. Definitely, I will enjoy Christmas with my family even more in the next year!

Kojori Daytrip

This is a very young monastry, situated in the small town Kojomi. Kojomi is 30 km away from Tbilisi. We went there for a sunday daytrip. Since Kojomi is a town on top of a mountain and 1500 m high, it is much colder there.
my friends trying to make a fire..
I was trying to catch the beautiful light. Since we arrived in the late afternoon…

… we saw the beautiful sunset! On the way to the bus station, a woman told us that the bus will come very late. She invited us to the monastry(!). We were so happy to have a warm place. Inside the Monastry two monks and the woman prepared us food and tea. We were so perplexed and happy that we were not able to speak, first! It was traditional Georgian food, which was really good. The two monks and the woman were really nice and again, we experienced hospitality in Georgia.

Dance – Club !

Since two weeks, the dance club is running!  We have a nice room at a private school in Rustavi. As you can read on the posters, the first step is to teach basic moves. And we will perform on events. It is quite difficult to teach dancing if you can not explain yourself in your mother language. Since the 11-year old children do not understand and speak English, I need a translator, too.

My wish is to organize a flashmob on the main place in Old Rustavi!

Sushi Party !

Last Weeks sushi party was great!

We prepared Sushi and invited some other volunteers from Rustavi and Tbilisi, as well as local friends to our flat.
It was really easy to organize, because of the network that is existing between all the volunteers since the On-Arrival-Training!
It really changed a lot, because now, that we all know each other, we can travel together, visit each other in Armenia and Georgia and there, sleep in the volunteer’s flats.
During only 4 days(and some parties in between) of training, we got to know each other!
After the training, I visited the volunteer’s from Yerevan and Gyumri, Armenia.
We always have friends from other countries visiting us in our flat, which is really fun and improves my hospitality skills ( At least, I try to reach the level of Georgian hospitality)!

Our next sushi party is coming soon! At least, before Hika is leaving us…
Fortunately, Annika has arrived only a few days ago. She is the new volunteer from Germany and I am so happy to explore Eastern Europe with her and I am sure, we will have a great time together!

Also (European) Christmas is coming soon. Since Hika, Annika and me are staying in Georgia, we will celebrate Christmas together with some other volunteers from Rustavi and Tbilisi. We will prepare traditional dishes from our home countries and enjoy the diversity of culture 😀
… Do you have some ideas for a typical German dish??

I wish you all nice and cosy Christmas days and a Happy New Year!