Christmas Eve

I wish all of you beautiful, amazing and cozy Christmas!

Yesterday, 11 EVS volunteers celebrated together the Christmas Eve! We sat around a long table and ate our self-prepared food. We had melted Camembert, Khachapuri, potato salad, Bacon, Carrot cake, Plätzchen and more! It was nice to create our own supra. Everyone prepared something that reminded him or her of Christmas at home or at his or her home country. Sharing this kind of personal foods and traditions made us all so happy.

For me and almost all of my friends, it has been the first time that we have celebrated Christmas without our family. Personally, it felt not like Christmas at all. I missed the cosy moments in front of the Christmas tree and being with my whole family.  Anyway, it has been a nice and long celebration with friends, we shared so much, played games and had a lot of fun. Consequently, we got to know each other better and got closer.

We talked about our different Christmas celebration traditions and although we missed Christmas at home, we enjoyed to be together. Definitely, I will enjoy Christmas with my family even more in the next year!