About My City

…The volunteer’s flat is located in Rustavi, a small city  situated 25 km southeast of the capital Tbilisi. The city is devided into two parts. There is Rustavi’s old and new part . The inhabitants call them “Old Rustavi” and “New Rustavi”. Both are connected with a bridge.

The older part has a nice and huge place called “Meria” (See some pictures by night below).

The new part consists of block houses, decorated with colorful chain of lights to make the block houses look more beautiful. (I also live in a block house). Actually, they are more cosy and nice inside, than they look like from outside!

Georgia was involved in a lot of fights. (You can read about them here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rustavi#Early_history) After the fight against the Mongol leader Tamerlane, Rustavi has been completely destroyed and became a desert.

Rustavi was rebuilt as a major industrial center during the Soviet era. The development of Rustavi was part of Joseph Stalin’s accelerated industrialization process, and included ironworks, steelworks, chemical plants and an important railway station on the Tbilisi-Baku railroad line. Rustavi is the site of approximately 90 large and medium-sized industrial plants. (https://en.wikipedia.org)

Rustavi is now one of the 4 biggest cities in Georgia. It has around 120.000 inhabitants…

Here are some night pictures of the place “Meria”.